Brian Oldham
Beautiful Lies, 2013



So sick
Of myself

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im just so glad the word “ugh” was invented

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I used to cringe when my mom would say “relationships are work, honey,”
as she rubbed her bruised jaw with avon peach toned makeup to counteract the plum flower blooming on her skin
She loved fiercer than anyone I’ve ever known but it didn’t come without a price
Her love spread through her some days like wildfire
But just as destructive, too, it left a trail of ash in it’s wake 
I would brush her hair all day while I wondered why the clear liquid she drank made her cry
And why she wouldn’t stop drinking it 
When I met you, you filled all the gaps
You weren’t anything like her, or him, or anyone else I’d ever known
and you always stayed bright and alive, lighting up the room with your eyes
that stole all the color from autumn
You kept me whole when I felt brittle and broken
In winter, desperate for some brightness, we ate oranges til the acidity burned our mouths raw
and we stayed together till our bodies ached with the weight of it
relationships are work, my mother always said it,
but what if they don’t work at all?

drinking when i’m sad makes me sad so i just solve it by drinking more. i see how that could be a problem for some people but it seems more like a solution

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I know not to get hung up on any one because that’s what I’ve been told and I know that when you say “I like you,” implied at the end is “the most at this minute,” and that could change when she sends you photos in lacy blush colored underwear, the same color of my cheeks when I first peeled off my shirt in front of you. And I know that when you kiss me it’s not a promise but an invitation, for me, for now, and even later, but not too much later because she comes around at 12. 




danq kush nugzz

that’s a baby bearded dragon

nah dats some bb kush

Perhaps she’s easy to fall asleep with, but is she worth waking up to? —Connotativewords | jl | Honestly (via connotativewords)
college: what are you good at?
me: procrastination
I wanted to tell you… why it didn’t work out.

I haven’t liked anyone in so long. And I don’t even know if I do now, but I just know it feels nice to talk to someon ewho is interested in what you have to say and can make you laugh. 

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