20 Historical Photos (x)

If you don’t think that history is some of the most interesting shit ever, you can get out. 




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Some times I think my friends would like me better if I was more like their other friends. By this I mean if more guys liked me. But I don’t really know what can be done about that and I know it’s not really true it’s just how I feel sometimes. If I were bubbly and tiny and cute my life might be better.

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He can’t win! That’s because our masked bandit’s a coward. He’s a fake; he’s a liar and a coward. He had his fingers crossed. He has to die.

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No. Alright, stop it now.


oh my god i’m fucking sick of this generation’s mentality that your sadness is beautiful and somebody will fix you and all this fucking john green shit nobody will find you in a bookstore reading bukowski and want to lie with you and nobody will kiss your scars and you will not be like effie and freddie you’ve got to be your own fucking hero and surround yourself with positivity

this is all just too perfect i cant even see scenes from this movie without it hurting my heart

stormy seas + memories of earlier this winter

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I don’t have an official job this summer, but I am trying to keep myself busy and productive. I’ve been going to the gym, forcing myself to write for at least half an hour every day, and reading all of the books I told myself I would get around to. It’s not a ton, but they are big steps for me and if I can make myself stick with it all summer, that’s something to be proud of. Minus the reading. That’s kind of just for me.

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soft grunge & vintage wonderland.

the sky is falling us apart.


Teresa Oman, wrapped up. (Photography by Magdalena Wosinska)